Spiced Right BBQ

Serious Barbecue

Got some serious appetites to cater to? Spiced Right Smokehouse BBQ has you covered.

Serious Barbecue


2 Meats • 3 Sides • Bread • Dessert • Drink • Sauce



Texas Style Smoke Beef Brisket • Smoked Chicken Quarters
Boneless Grilled Chicken Breast • Smoked Turkey • Pulled Pork


Brunswick Stew • Baked Beans • Macaroni & Cheese • Cole Slaw
Potato Salad • Hashbrown Casserole
Corn Souffle • Fresh Garden Salad • Green Beans


Sliced BBQ Bread


Peach Cobbler • Apple Cobbler • Banana Pudding • Strawberry Shortcake


Sweet Tea • Unsweet Tea • Lemonade

Spiced Right Catering Order

Delivery Fee is 10% of your total order with a $30.00 minimum
Full Service Fee is 15% of your food order, $125 per server with two-hour serve time.

Linen Table covers for the buffet are included with full service (Black Base with Red and White checkered toppers). Additional table coverings are $3.95 for a plastic disposable cloth in your choice of colors. Actual linens may also be used. Price varies based on table dimensions. All meals include eating and serving supplies. Paper goods included are white styrofoam divided plates, styrofoam dessert bowls, fork, knife & spoon kits with napkins, salt and pepper and white styrofoam 16 oz. cups for drinking.

On server per 60-75 guests is required on full service. Delivery fees are based on the number of guests and delivery distance. All prices are subject to 7% sales tax. Mileage greater than a 25-mile radius is billed at 55.5 cents/mile.